Some ideas stick. This one came to me in the supermarket as I wrestled armfuls of apples and onions onto the weighing scales, repeating “no plastic, no plastic” and hunting for a space on my shopping list to stick the price stickers.

The line grew behind me as the shop assistant asked, “Saving the environment ma’am?” in a voice that said both “well done” and “I really wish you wouldn’t”.

A solution is only a solution if it works for everyone and simply refusing a plastic bag clearly didn’t in this case. And so came the idea – a reusable produce bag that you can stick the sticker on.

So simple. Visit the shop to get yours.

My name is Laura.

I’ve been a journalist for nearly 20 years. My day, and sometimes night, job is being a TV news presenter on Al Jazeera English. My husband and I also spend much time trying to keep a chaotic house full of young kids and rescued pets in order.

Otherwise, I’m here at EcoSouk. Bringing you the best products I can find to replace our everyday single-use plastics and working with a wonderful community of likeminded people creating an alternative, sustainable way of life for Qatar.

I love hearing from you, so do drop me a line if you have a story you want me to tell, or just want to say hi and join a growing number of people choosing to live lightly.



EcoSouk is a Qatar-based social impact company, committed to protecting our environment both locally and globally.

We know it’s not always easy to find eco-friendly, everyday products in the local market and we understand how important it is for people and businesses to make the right choices for our planet.

To address these needs, we provide a range of sustainable alternatives to everyday single-use plastic.

No matter how big or how small your order, we deliver it to your warehouse or your door.

We help people and businesses work towards a cleaner environment and play their part in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals on climate action and conserving life in the water and on land.

We work with our suppliers to remove needless packaging and replace plastic with compostable materials.

We are striving for all EcoSouk products to be carbon-neutral.

We have personally visited our main supplier to ensure they are aligned with our values of social and environmental responsibility and workers’ welfare.

We thrive on personal connections with our customers and suppliers and support the growth of our community of likeminded eco warriors.

With schools, we work to inspire children to be in awe of the natural world and empower them to value a future where all ecosystems are protected and respected.

We feel a deep responsibility for our beautiful planet.

EcoSouk is your sustainability partner in business and in life.